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The Contraption

The chair lift

*“…We simply put out the red carpet for whatever [conditions] are arising in the moment and embrace them as they are…beneath the colorations of our likes and dislikes and our expectations for how things should be but aren’t…”

At some point I’m just going to have to “man up”, hold my head up, and walk with my little friend. A little friend named MS. We have a love/hate relationship. Give and take. Sometimes I’m on top and sometimes I’m…not!

I’m slowly learning that we get a long much better when I adapt to its flow, similar to the movie, Just Go with It with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but from the title alone you get the point. On the days I’m too tired to do “xyz” I’ll just accept that and do something else. Or maybe just do it a different way or maybe possibly slower. Adaption is the name of the game. I know I’ve been saying this over and over again. This is just my pep talk to myself!

The local gym offers water aerobics for folks with Multiple Sclerosis. Okay this is one of my all time favorite pass times! In Maryland I use to attend a class that was fabulous. There the instructor had routines with jazzy moves, reminiscent of my club hopping days! At the orientation here in New Orleans the instructor showed me the chair that helps disabled people access the pool. What? I immediately declared that I would not need such a contraption. Perhaps, even a tad bit offended she suggested such a device! (Keep in mind I was already in a wheelchair.) I was too young and could walk …a little. I didn’t even understand how it would work.

Ladies and Gentlemen this is exhibit one- resistance or denial. Call it what you want, but it’s certainly not going with the flow, going with what already is.

There were stairs leading into the deep end. But I wasn’t planning on getting my hair wet. I could tackle those stairs with a moderate amount of help, but they were not an option. You would logically suggest jumping into or sliding into the shallow end. But, my legs aren’t that trustworthy. To sum it up, the first day of class Tommy lowered me into the shallow end. I convinced myself this was different than using that apparatus to put me into the pool.

After a few days of reading my very own words. I read others’ too. I’m not that egotistic. I’m not.

It took the words of a fellow blogger, Robert Parker from, The Gifts of MS, in “A challenge…?” to whip me back into my realty.

“So when my legs quiver at night, when my head hurts, when my muscles ache, instead of lying cold and alone and desperately wishing they’d just go away… I need to walk up to them, and open my hands and my heart, and simply say, “Here I am.”

So, is this my new challenge?

Or is calling it a “challenge” missing the point? Is not the challenge… to not contend?”

Synonyms for contend are compete and assert. It makes no sense to compete with what already is. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2000, It’s about time I learn to adapt!

So with that being said I got on the contraption and said, “Here I am.”

Where is everybody?


Karate Kid

It has beat the test of time.

It’s amazing how life unfolds. Look away and it can become
something you never would have imagined.
My nephew is 8. I have been preoccupied with him knowing I wasn’t
always in a wheelchair. Stupid. I know. Anyway, what if I was?

I feel bad when I can’t keep up. I just realized he could care less! He knows me for who I am now. I guess that’s the important thing. My physical background doesn’t matter. It’s not a factor.
In an instant I feel silly. He shows me that it doesn’t matter. I’m spending the weekend with my parents. He happens to be visiting for the summer. Lucky me!

He came and woke me up this morning. Cute. It must be love. We had an extensive conversation about Batman and Robin. We watched Karate Kid. The same movie I use to watch with his mom. Back then we had to have seen it at least 1,000 times! I’m surprised the tape still works. I’m surprised my parents still own a VCR.

No. Wait. No I’m not!

Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff DWTS

Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff DWTS

Ralph Macchio? Dancing with the Stars? No worries. I voted for you!

Back to the movie, as soon as the credits began to roll my nephew said, “Tee, you want to watch it again?”

I’ve watched Karate Kid 1,002 times.

P.S. My nephew says Robin is better because he’s a teenager.

Can you tell?


Montel Juice

My 2001 self.

I was actually feeling bad about not blogging this week yet.
Then a fellow blogger reminded me this is a no stress gig! An avenue to communicate within the sphere!

I have truly been sick since last week. I had news to tell you, but I still didn’t post! Go figure that one. Well anyway my talk with the physicians went great! I felt like my old self(flashback).

I had notes. I had an introduction! But most of all, I had an audience that was attentive and receptive. They even asked questions afterwards. In fact, by the end of 45 minutes, the session had become mutually beneficial. I felt as if I owed someone a 20 dollar co-pay! I certainly didn’t expect that one.

I have gastro paresis. It’s secondary to MS of course. But as it so happens the last week or so I have been vomiting every thing I eat. Gross. I know. I apologize. Bear with me. As far as I know there is no definitive cure for this. (Surprise. Surprise.) Every 6 months it seems it will starts acting up. You’ll see me rolling around with my little bucket in hand. Family members are quick to

The culprit

ask, “Why do…?” and then as they remember they’ll promptly say, “Ohhhh!!,” while taking a small step backwards. It’s very cute to watch.

As to avoid dehydration, I’ve been drinking like crazy. My newest hobby is blending everything

This should go down better.

into a smoothie of sorts. Enter the Montel Williams Health Master. The only problem is it’s nearly 300 bucks!!!!! I will have to save up for that so until then I got a knock off. The smoothie I’m drinking now is Granny Smith apple, carrots, and nectarines! Sounds horrible, right? Well it tastes better than it sounds. Hmmm. I may need to add a little more water.

Well, cooking was never my strong suit. Perhaps I can turn things around with this blending thing I got going on?