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June 2011

The Contraption

The chair lift

*“…We simply put out the red carpet for whatever [conditions] are arising in the moment and embrace them as they are…beneath the colorations of our likes and dislikes and our expectations for how things should be but aren’t…” At some point I’m just going to have to “man up”, hold my head up, and walk […]

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Karate Kid

It has beat the test of time.

It’s amazing how life unfolds. Look away and it can become something you never would have imagined. My nephew is 8. I have been preoccupied with him knowing I wasn’t always in a wheelchair. Stupid. I know. Anyway, what if I was? I feel bad when I can’t keep up. I just realized he could […]

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Montel Juice

This should go down better.

I was actually feeling bad about not blogging this week yet. Then a fellow blogger reminded me this is a no stress gig! An avenue to communicate within the sphere! I have truly been sick since last week. I had news to tell you, but I still didn’t post! Go figure that one. Well anyway […]

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