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My New Normals

July 2011

Pimp My Ride

A better ride on rough streets, but they're high maintenance.

As I think back over the years I’ve come mighty far. I can vividly remember Maryland 2009, Tommy and I leaving the apartment to purchase my very first wheelchair. The chair that I didn’t think I needed.

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Walk It Off

This is how it feels when I try to walk.

The fact that I can aptly use my walker around the house distorts my perception.

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Open Letter to M.S. (Unfinished)

Letter to MS

I know that it can’t be healthy to carry around such piercing raw rage and hatred or resentment. But there are times that I do.

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What Happened To Jared?

My drug of choice.

It’s funny to think that with everything I have been through weight issues would even grace the terrain of my brain. Strange Huh?

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