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My New Normals

August 2011

Cave Of Pity

Trapped In A Cage

I originally decided against posting today. I usually like to leave you on an up note. But tonight I just can’t muster up the strength for even that.

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I’m Special

Mighty Mouse

Sitting in the waiting room I kept thinking that MS wasn’t in my plans.

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Please Take A Shower Tonight

Please Take A Shower Tonight

Due to Multiple Sclerosis, a wheelchair steers my course and shapes our new normal. Now, fatigue dictates our daily routines.

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What Would You Do?


As a nurse and an avid reader I am well aware of the downhill trajectory of multiple sclerosis.  But it’s an entirely different ballgame when it happens to you. This particular Saturday had been dubbed as a day for my best friend, her 2 -year-old daughter and me in my new pimped out wheelchair. Well, […]

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