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The Before

I don’t have the luxury of Walking, Working or Driving (W.W.D.). So I refer to the time period when I could as THE BEFORE.

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Change Yourself

The Blogashere

I read in the blogosphere, if you want to change the world…change yourself -Riding the tiger. Hmmm. What a way of shifting responsibility!! ********************************   Though, I’m still in mourning of the Oprah Winfrey Show ending, I want to get myself together for just a minute to notify you of my recent unexpected opportunity.   […]

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Class of 2011

I’ve been to many graduations, but my little cousin’s really struck personal chords. The entire afternoon reopened wounds I thought were completely healed, forgotten, and shoved aside. Yet again I was wrong. At this point, my high school graduation was almost twenty years ago. My over zealous excitement, optimism and naivety danced within my words […]

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Flaky Layers

These are delicious!

I fell into panic mode shortly after I went to see my mental therapist. If, you remember, she mentioned my passionate quest for independence (AKA hand controls) was possibly a manifestation of denial of MS. In other words, after 11 years, I still hadn’t accepted Multiple Sclerosis. Wow, what a blow! I was so taken […]

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