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If you would like to support My New Normals, simply copy the image you want and paste it into your web page or blog.

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  • Decide which banner you want to use.
  • Right-click on the banner (CTRL + click for MAC).
  • Select “Save As” and save the banner to the appropriate folder on your website.
  • Place the banner on your web page in the location where you would like it to display.
  • Link the banner to the URL provided (below the banner). This will ensure that when someone clicks the banner on your website, they will be brought to the appropriate linked page.
  • Save your web page and then test the banner on your web page to ensure it goes to the designated link.

About the Author

My name is Nicole Lemelle. I am a writer, activist and a person living with Multiple Sclerosis. I created My New Normals to educate those who do not understand MS, reassure people with similar plights and inspire everyone to seize command of their lives.