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Latest My New Normals and Nicole Lemelle Videos. All videos are available for instant download. Videos are a mixture of educational and entertainment and all related to Multiple Sclerosis and My New Normals.


Newly diagnosed with MS? (You’ve Got This)

Nicole Lemelle talks how she uses yoga to deal with MS

Nicole on Life After MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

Walking With Crutches

Multiple Sclerosis Pill (Gilenya)-Part 1

Multiple Sclerosis Pill (Gilenya)-Part 2

Nicole’s Arm Crutches MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

2 thoughts on “My New Normals Videos”
  1. Jonathan Plummer 14 May, 2013 on 3:50 PM Reply

    Thanks Nicole its good to here that I am not the only one dealing with MS issues,
    Its so easy to think hiding your symptoms is the way to deal with MS. Also I have had to
    accept my issues and try to work with them. (I always think about how I used to do things)
    and then get frustrated with my body. Also admitting my limitations also allows others to
    accept me. Again thanks.

  2. A 15 February, 2013 on 2:20 PM Reply

    Hi Nicole,

    I am so sorry that MS has taken such a bad turn for the worst with you. I appreciate your coping skills with getting it out there and wish so much that your MS stayed RRMS and mild. However I will say, as someone who is newly diagnosed your story is terrifying. My symptoms are mild… i am married and i work full time i work out constantly and i am on copaxone. Reading your story made me feel like my capable days were numbered. I do try and remind myself that not everyone progresses to the point you are at… and maybe i am just a scared newly diagnosed person who cant get a grip but please remember that there are new people reading yoru stuff as well and imagine how you would have felt. I wish all the best in your future and hope you heal.

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