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On Vacation

I will be on vacation but someone will be at my house so do not try to rob me.

I’m going on a much needed vacation.

Once again I want to thank everyone for visiting the blog and leaving feedback. I will talk to you guys when I get back.

Hopefully I’ll have some great stories to share.

Also take some time to explore other components of the blog and checkout the wonderful websites in the Blogroll and Partnerships sections.

4 thoughts on “On Vacation”
  1. Renae Clare 17 November, 2012on4:52 PM Reply

    Hi Nicole, You are going to have a wonderful time on your vacation! And boy, do you deserve it! I have taken a U-turn on the road to a more positive and healthy life. Reading more spiritual and positive thinking books and staying away from as much negativity as I can. You have been in my thoughts a lot lately and I feel that we are kindred spirits. Your posts are always spot on, so personal and so easy to relate to and I repost everything I see that has your name on it on Facebook and Twitter. You are much loved and respected. And you have touched my life.
    Thank you Nicole

  2. Kim @ Stuff could.... 17 November, 2012on12:41 PM Reply


  3. Kshanski 16 November, 2012on9:13 PM Reply

    Have enough fun for me!!!!

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