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These brands have created an alliance with My New Normals to help facilitate a greater worldwide awareness of Multiple Sclerosis. Thank you for your support.


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Multiple Sclerosis does not mean giving up on your ambitions - just rethinking how to achieve them.





4 thoughts on “Partnerships”
  1. Patricia 5 August, 2014 on 1:43 AM Reply

    Thanks for your inspiring blog and raising more awareness for MS. I follow you and pray for you. I started my blog today on http://www.miss-ms.com and hope to turn it into a fundraiser and work together with more writers. Blessings

  2. Thank U 31 December, 2013 on 12:03 AM Reply

    […] Partnerships […]

  3. Angela Groves 25 November, 2012 on 12:28 PM Reply

    I wish I could get more awareness for Inside My Head. Slowly but surely it’s getting out.
    Congratulations on your blog! I suppose I could try that, but don’t know how. =P

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