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close up view photo of the newspapers

close up view photo of the newspapers

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“Leaders In The Movement”-MS Connection:South Central- Arkansas • Louisiana • New Mexico • Oklahoma • Texas, Summer 2014
MS Connection1

“Coping with Chronic Illness”-Real Health Magazine, Fall 2013
Real Health

“New Orleans resident battling MS helps raise awareness”-The Times Picayune, February 28, 2013
times 33

“Join The Movement- MS Blog”-MS Connection Rhode Island Chapter, Winter 2012

“Join In The Conversation- MS Blog”-MS Connection Maryland Chapter, Summer 2012

“MS Getaway” (Picture at bottom of page)-MS Connection Louisiana Chapter, Summer 2012

“I Have MS, But It Doesn’t… Well, It Kinda Has Me”-Life In Action Magazine, May/June 2012

“MS Society New Blog”-MS Connection Delaware Chapter, Summer 2012

“Blog Opens Doors”-MS Connection Hampton Roads Chapter, Summer 2012

“The three faces of fatigue: Physical, mental and emotional”-Momentum Magazine, Summer 2012
Momentum Summer 2012

“Join The Conversation”-MS Connection New Jersey Metro Chapter, Spring 2012

“Blog Opens Doors”-MS Connection Oregon Chapter, Spring 2012

“Society Blogger Nicole Lemelle”-MS Connection Mid South Chapter, Spring 2012

“Nicole Lemelle attends MS activism training.”-MS Connection Louisiana Chapter, Spring 2012

“Nicole Lemelle- Her New Normals”-National Institutes of Health-MedlinePlus Magazine, Spring 2012

“Society Blogger Nicole Lemelle”-MS Connection: Georgia Chapter, Spring 2012

“Blog Opens Doors For MS Community”-MS Connection Michigan Chapter, Spring 2012

“MS Society New Blog”-MS Connection Greater Illinois Chapter, Spring 2012

“Society Launches New Blog”-Momentum Magazine, Spring 2012

“Blog Opens Doors”-MS Connection Arizona Chapter, Spring 2012

“National MS Society Blog”-MS Connection Southern Calif-Nevada Chapter, Spring 2012

“MS Society Blog”-MS Connection Greater Carolinas Chapter-Spring 2012

“Blog Opens Doors”-MS Connection Kentucky-Southeast Indiana Chapter, Spring 2012

“MS Blog Promo”-MS Connection Magazine Greater New England Chapter, Spring 2012

“MS Activism-Picture on page 3”-MS Connection Magazine Louisiana, Fall 2011

“Nicole Lemelle talks about Spike Lee”-New Orleans Times Picayune, May 05, 2011

“Independent Living”-Louisiana MS Connection Magazine, Spring 2011

MS Connection Louisiana Chapter Spring 2011

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