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This section uses pictures to document life with multiple sclerosis. We also posted some fun photos of Nicole with athletes and people who have famous faces. We hope these photos make you smile and help raise MS awareness. See how many names and faces you recognize.


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 Popular Pictures


Celebrity Encounters


Celebrity Encounters II

Christina Milian

Celebrity Encounters (Musicians)

George Clinton, “The Atomic Dog”, stopped to talk to me.

Celebrity Encounters (Athletes)


Celebrity Encounters (New Orleans)


Dwight Howard/Adidas Photo Shoot

Dwight Howard

Social Media Pictures

glass half full

flickr Pictures

flickr Pictures

9 thoughts on “Photos”
  1. Sharon DeLisser 12 December, 2011on7:27 PM Reply

    As usual, you are an inspiration to me. Of course, I have to pass along your strength of spirit and drive to inspire others. Just know that you are reaching your Medtronic family in unexpected ways….I’ll explain when I talk with you. Don’t stop doing what you are doing. Your amazing sense of style is shining through all that you do. Proud of you girl!!

  2. Kshanski Cooper Hilson 18 October, 2011on7:29 PM Reply

    JUST SAW THE P8C OF ME!!!!!!!!!! THANKS LADY!!!!

    • Kshanski Cooper Hilson 18 October, 2011on7:30 PM Reply


  3. Andrea 16 August, 2011on9:05 PM Reply

    Oh my God…Damn girl, you went and made an incredible site!!! I am so proud of you!!! This is so amazing Nicole…all of it. You are a vivid writer and gosh…I am proud of my good friend. Please let do a guest writing spot on what I am going through…Pelvic Floor Therapy. Girl…You were not minimizing the word “intimate”. I love you. I need to pick you up and get our nails done!! Love you

    • Nicole Lemelle 17 August, 2011on3:12 PM Reply

      Thanks Andrea and go ahead and get starter on that post!

      • pepper devaughn 8 May, 2012on9:34 PM Reply

        Hi Nicole
        My name is Pepper DeVaughn, I want to say that you are an inspiration to me.
        I was diagnosed with progressive MS in Jan 2011. and I had to withdraw from school because of my constant falling. I have one semester left to complete my Graphic Design Major so I aspire to go back. Like you my mobility is at a decline I have a scooter, a rollator walker, and three different canes that I no longer can use. I want to tell you that you are blessed with the love and support of your husband and family, I’m sure that in your prayers you thank GOD for his part in that, as I do for the un waivering support of my family and friends. Even still I appreciate the encouragement I received reading your blogs. My oldest son is a Graphic Designer and Photographer and Web Page Designer and I am motivated by you to have him create a site for me.
        I feel uplifted and reassured now when I read your story, you were actually
        telling mine the frustrations and all of that. I have this phrase I often use “Who Feels It Knows It” and I want to let you know “I Feel Ya”.
        Mz Pepp

        • Nicole Lemelle 8 May, 2012on11:24 PM Reply

          Pepper, Thanks so much! Your kind words help me push on too!

  4. kmilyun 1 August, 2011on4:13 PM Reply

    Great set a photos – I can see you!

    • Nicole Lemelle 1 August, 2011on7:36 PM Reply

      I’ll tell Tom. He’s in charge of that department!

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